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    Reasons to Remodel Rather Than Move

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    Reasons to Remodel Rather Than Move Empty Reasons to Remodel Rather Than Move

    Post  Helensnipes on Fri Mar 27, 2015 2:07 am

    When homes become dated and do not accommodate the homeowners anymore, all homeowners have to decide whether it is better for them to move or remodel the home they currently reside in. Depending on the repairs and upgrades that a home requires in order to be in top shape, remodeling might cost as much as purchasing a new home. There are several reasons why a homeowner in this situation should choose to remodel instead of move into a new home, but before any decision is made homeowners should do their research to make sure they get the most for their money. Remodeling is a great investment that should not be ruled out because it gives homeowners the opportunity to make their home their own. Here are some other reasons why homeowners should consider remodeling.

    Space is a commodity

    One of the biggest reasons why homeowners decide to remodel or move is because they need more space. If homeowners choose to remodel, they get to be the decision makers when it comes to where space will be added. Remodeling gives homeowners the opportunity to add the space directly where they need it whether it is an additional bathroom or an expanded living room. It is nearly impossible to find a home with everything on a homeowners list of necessities. Remodeling lets homeowners create the home that fits all their needs, especially when it comes to space.

    The time is right

    Home building and buying has slowed down since the recession, meaning quality contractors and builders are easier to hire. Because contractors and builders are looking for jobs, homeowners are likely to find the best professionals for the most affordable prices. According to Enlighten Me, the waiting periods for contractors and builders are much shorter and the deals keep getting better, so homeowners should take the opportunity to remodel because they will get the best work for the best deal.

    Save on utilities

    If homeowners are not itching to move, but they want to upgrade their homes, one reason remodeling is such a good idea is because they can actually save money on utilities by installing energy efficient upgrades such as energy saving appliances, heating and air systems, and electrical upgrades. Up front, energy efficient upgrades can be costly, but they are definitely worth while because they save homeowners hundreds of dollars a year on utility bills.

    Raise the home value

    Even if you are not looking to move, increasing your home’s value is a good reason to remodel. Energy efficient upgrades definitely raise the value of a home, so if the time comes that moving is the homeowner’s decision, they can get a much higher price for their home. Homes are investments that should be kept up to date. Styles change over the years, and believe it or not, if a home is outdated, it can lower the value of a home. So remodel to update your home, and keep the value of it high.

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